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Orson Welles "I know what it is to be young"

Одна из наиболее крупных фигур американского кино - Орсон Уэллс - был режисером, актером, сценаристом, оператором и продюсером. А здесь он весьма удачно выступает в роли певца. Видеоролик сопровождается фотографиями Уэльса и кадрами из фильмов, в которых он снимался, разных лет.

I Know What It Is To Be Young

When we are young, age has no meaning
I never gave it a second thought
Until one day along came this old man
And this is what he said to me:

I know what it is to be young
But you, you don't know what it is to be old
Some day you'll be saying the same thing!
Time ticks away, so the story is told
I’ve asked so many questions
Of the wise man I met
Could not find all the answers

No one has as yet
There'll be days to remember
Full of laughter and tears...

After summer comes winter
And so go the years

So my friend,
Let's make music together!
I play the old,
and you sing the new!

In time when your young days are over
There'll be someone sharing that time with you.

Tags: музыка

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